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How to Look for an Email mailing address list of Caterers and Catering Services

If it’s easy, we would all do it.  It is not so professionals do it.  In fact, catering and its related services is a thriving industry.  For one, because great food never go out of season.  Two, professional caterers email address lists have gotten so good and efficient in their businesses that getting their services is far more efficient than doing it all by yourself, even with help of family and friends.

With the question of whether or not to secure catering services settled (read: don’t be crazy doing it yourself), let us look at some considerations on how to best choose the perfect caterer.


Top of this list is food, which is no surprise.  It should be great, no arguing with that.  Other considerations though are the lifestyle and interest of you and your guests.  Think of the culture of the area as well as your social circle. Mismatch can lead to awkwardness, translating to sucky party.

Consider dietary restrictions.  If you want specialized menu, some Caterers and Catering Services Mailing list with email addresses offer organic meals, vegetarian buffet, gluten-free spreads, halal-certified food banquet, and many other customized feasts. Or you may have a specific cuisine in mind like Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, etc.

Geographical location is important to factor in too.  Ingredients that can be sourced closer to the venue will mean fresher and scrumptious meals.  Otherwise, get assurance from caterers and Catering Firms  that they have the necessary equipment to properly store and keep food fresh.

Work with the caterer in the menu planning.  Considering the type of event, you will mix and match appetizers, entrees, deserts, salads, and other extra sides.  Much of this will be dictated by preference and budget.  If you want to make life simpler, though this requires much trust on the caterer, you can just pick one from the multiple packages already prepared by the caterer – set menus.

And an important reminder: Taste. The. Food.


Know their staff capacity.  We’ve seen how restaurants are pretty particular in ensuring food leaves the prep area ASAP.  Because great food is also about timing and part of this equation is the service crew.

The staff would also handle the in-betweens, always making sure guests are satiated. If it’s a sit down meal, you will need about 3 waiters for every 6 tables.


Get recommendations from friends and family, events venue managers and staff, referrals are key in saving you precious effort.  Professional events planner can help too by giving past experience with caterers email list.

The web made this part less stressful.  You can check online reviews and even get a caterers email mailing address list.  The advantage of getting a list is that you can send a set of questions to your narrowed down options to evaluate their pros and cons.

Visit their kitchens, preparation areas, and cooking facilities.  These will reveal how much integrity and pride, the catering company has in their business.

Ask questions about venue set up and food presentation. Creative spreads make meals way more exciting.

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Ah, the kicker!  Of course ask about corkage fee for additional food, charges for bar service, coffee service, and other extra services.

You may also negotiate on special meals for the professional crew outside the catering party like your DJs, photographers, planners, ushers, etc.

You can now start digging in with Caterers and Catering Services  Mailing list with email addresses.


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